First Test

Ok, here is my first tests. Unfortunately they are not so promising as expected, but never mind, I’ve at least learned what not to do.

The very first try:

I’ve started with the Rocktopus, the Lulzbot’s mascot. It’s just a tiny octopus with a rocking hand! Yeah!

Just opened Cura (the software to send models to the printer) and the rocktopus was already there. I’ve selected the HIPS material, perfect for first time print and prototyping, and the software says it takes around 35 minutes to be printed…too much! I’ve resized it to the half of its original size and…only 9 minutes. Perfect! Let’s print!

As you can see in the first image in the gallery above (the two yellow octopuses over the keyboard) the result of the little one is not perfect. It has his tiny fingers that aren’t printed perfectly due to the small size. But for the first time I’m pretty satisfied by the result.

It’s time for bracelets!

Yes, in the life if you have a women and a 3D printer in the same house, you have to print jewelry. So we have started with bracelets. We have found this amazing project called Kinematics @ Home from Nervous Systems that makes dynamic bracelets that can be folded and reshaped in different ways, look here, also New York’s MoMA loves their designs.

We have generated the bracelet and downloaded the stl file, opened it in Cura and…it was too big! We have tried to resize it to fit the printbed, selected high quality print and started.

It took about 1 hour to print it.

Kinematics @ Home Bracelet

The first time we have tried to fold it…it broke apart! 🙁

Broken bracelet

We learned two things (or at least we think that):

  1. Never resize models with joints and little parts that have to work together,
  2. Maybe HIPS material is not the best choice for tiny dynamics parts.

All suggestions are appreciated.

But never give up!

We have tried again with a non-kinematic (a.k.a. static or solid) bracelet. It is a coral bracelet by pixil3d, found on Thingiverse.

The result is better than the previous one even if it is a little raw, I think it needs a post-processing sanding. Here is the result

Coral Bracelet


That’s all, we will keep working on jewelry and other stuffs.

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