Just started 3D Printing!

I just jumped in the deep, dark hole that is 3D printing.

Last week my first 3D printer is arrived! It’s a Lulzbot Mini from Aleph Objects 😉
Its design is based on one of the most stable and reliable printers of the RepRap Project, the PrusaSteel (I think).

You may have noticed that I’ve say “my first 3D printer”, this is because I would like to buy/build a lot more printers!

However, back to the Lulzbot Mini. It’s a very suitable printer that support a huge variety of filaments (i.e.: HIPS, ABS, PLA, CopperFill, BambooFill, Conductive PLA and much more!).

Filaments! Filaments everywhere!”

3D Printer Filaments

That’s all, I’ll back soon with first impressions and tries (some already done and not as good as expected, but time and experience (and Google) are my friends 😀

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